KDC supports the work of humanitarian institutions and organizations by linking them with professionals whose knowledge, languages and skills are in demand. Drawing on over 35 years of international experience, across four continents, KDC knows well the critical role that local and regional staff play in an effective humanitarian response as well as the importance of quickly linking those with skills to organizations in need of them.

KDC provides three services:

Join the Roster of Talented Candidates
A roster of candidates with multiple languages and skills required to deliver effective and accountable humanitarian programmes.

Submit your Online application. You will have access to personalised guidance and humanitarian resources. With your agreement, we would introduce your CV to relevant Humanitarian Organizations (United Nations, NGOs) and interested Governments, Institutions including Donors.
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Check our Library of Humanitarian Knowledge Resources
Links to essential knowledge resources for all interested applicants, available in multiple languages, to better understand the core principles of humanitarian operational delivery in various domains as Emergency management, Coordination, International Protection, Humanitarian principles and Codes of conduct and Ethics, SDGs, Cash Support and most recent reports on Covid and Connectivity. Please review those already made available on this site and do not hesitate to ask for more at: info@kderiche.com
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KDC Live App - Live Remote Monitoring
An easy-to-use secured digital application (KDC Live) to facilitate prompt visual and written site monitoring and reporting, commonly called “Live Remote Monitoring”. The 5Ws (What-When-Where-Who and Why) directly delivered from your smartphone to report instantly and show Live events on Google Maps.

Download our KDC Live App (available on Apple and Google Stores) and become a Humanitarian Reporter by sending live and timely reports to inform immediately Humanitarian Agencies, NGOs, Donors and the international community, to take immediate action.
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