Who We Are

“We make a Life by what we Give”

Kamel Deriche

Kamel Deriche is the Founder of KDC. After 36 years of beautiful experiences working for the UN in most complex emergency situations over the globe, Kamel decided to continue supporting humanitarian work by giving the opportunity to many unknown talented people to become the new wave of humanitarian actors. A strong operational leader and senior advisor, he is known for his team building approach and timely operational impact in most complex emergencies and crises situations.

Talents to Support the World

KDC identifies and maintains a list of professional candidates with skills and experience of value to humanitarian organizations. These include individuals with specialized competencies including but not limited to: coordination, logistics, communication, human resource management, finance, programme management, legal protection, cash-based assistance, clean water, sanitation, health, education, accommodation, and livelihoods. They are individuals who have also expressed an interest to be immediately deployed to humanitarian operations in the region.

Remote Monitoring and reporting

Humanitarian programmes are frequently in remote and hard to access areas. To assist in regular monitoring and reporting from these areas, KDC has developed an easy to use digital application that facilitates timely updates of field-based programmes.

Knowledge resources

New staff need to become familiar with the basic foundations of humanitarian programming such as international humanitarian principles, organization, processes and delivery methods, standards of conduct and financial oversight. KDC offers a library of foundational documents available in several languages of benefit to newly recruited humanitarian actors.

Latest Resources